The company provides the following key services

Corporate Law

  • Oral and written advice on civil, corporate, commercial law and other branches of current legislation and Client's economic activity.
  • Legal due diligence and drafting of Client's economic, civil agreements as well as other regulatory acts.
  • Legal assessment of claim perspectives of conflict situations.
  • Preparation of legal opinions.
  • Participation in negotiations with Client's counteragent.
  • Preparation of claim documents and pre-trial settlement of disputes.
  • Monitoring of legal base on Client's request.
  • Participatin during inspactions.
  • Preparation and filing applications.
  • Protecting our clients from unfair competition practices of third parties and protecting their trademarks from misappropriation and various other infringements.
  • Resolving domain name disputes.
  • Pleading cases in courts.

Intellectual Property

  • Registration and maintenance of Intellectual property rights.
  • Registration and maintenance of Intellectual property rights at Customs service of RA.
  • IPR related commercial contracts.
  • IPR litigation and enforcement.

Digital Transformation and software

  • Inventory and Effective Management of Company IT Infrastructure and Software (SAM ISO 19770-1 Standard).
  • Cyber Security (Enterprise mobility + security, Partner Solutions).
  • Personal Data Protection (GDPR).
  • Modern Workplace (Partner Solutions).
  • Business Process Automation (SharePoint, Partner Solutions).
  • Server optimization and Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Big data analysis).